Fourth Edition Ala-Carte Buffet Menu


New Look, New Digital Menu, New Dining Experience! More Twist!

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant launches its fourth edition menu for its Japanese ala-carte buffet from its present 146 items to more than 160 items of sashimi, maki, sushi, tempura, sumiyaki, teppanyaki etc. from just $34 onwards.

Since 24th May 2007, Shin Minori has been delighting residents and executives in River Valley with their affordable prices. Now, after 7 years, Shin Minori will be offering an even more extensive ala-carte buffet menu that will delight all fans of Japanese food.

Against all odds, despite all the talks about inflation, Shin Minori has managed to make additions of valued items to the new menu. Diners will be simply spoilt for choice with new items like Rainbow Maki Roll (Shrimp Tempura topped with 4 varieties of Raw Fish), Dragonfly Maki Roll (Soft Shell Crab topped with Eel and Avocado), Harvest Maki Roll (Shrimp Tempura/Avocado wrapped with Boiled Shrimp topped with Homemade Almond and Coconut Flakes, Mango & Eel Sauce), Crunchy Maki Roll (Deep Fried California Roll toppd with House Special Sauce), Veggi Lover’s Maki Roll (Asparagus Tempura/Peach/Avocado wrapped with Romaine Lettuce), Asuparagasu Be-kon Kuro Kosho (Grilled Asparagus Bacon with Black Pepper), Yaki Tori Kuro Kosho (Grilled Chicken in Skewer with Black Pepper), Shake Kawa Sarada (Deep Fried Salmon Skin Salad) & many more.

Another new highlight is the launching of eMenu (Electronic Menu) on every table
at Shin Minori, replacing the manual paper order taking with interactive tablet based eMenu. Shin Minori’s vision
is to redefine hospitality and change the way customers dine. Diners can view detailed descriptions, food portioning and images of the dish item they are ordering. Diners will also be able to be served their dishes at lower waiting time.

Shin Minori aims to recreate a new dining experience for everyone!

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant opens daily for lunch & dinner so as to ease all days of your craving.