[Event]Sake Tasting

Shin Minori held a Japanese Sake tasting event, together with sake supplier, Whistler Wine & Spirit on the 9 April, from 3- 6pm. Invitees included some Japanese restaurant owners, Chefs and managers. This event main objective was to introduce a new sake winery in the Singapore market.

Some of the brands of sake that was savoured include Bunkajin, Takagi, Kitaya, Mizuo and Imazato.
The attendees experienced the rich aroma and unique flavour of each sake and were told of their various origin from different part of Japan and even how it was brewed. Some even won awards for its exquisite taste, namely Takagi Ryuso and Bunkajin Junmai Daijingyo Genshu.

Shin Minori was the venue and finger food sponsor, while Whistler Wine & Spirit was the sake sponsor for this event. It was an enjoyable afternoon where friends from the industry mingled, tasted good sake and gain more insight of the new sake.
You can also learn more about Sake, by clicking here: http://shinminori.com.sg/infographic/sake

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