We hear you, our dear diners!
You love sushi & want a sushi cake for your birthday! ????
So, for all you birthday boys & girls who are going to have dinner buffet with us @Katong Square, we have specially created this savory sushi cake, just for you on your birthday month, as we are also celebrating our Grand Opening ? !
Come, celebrate your Special Day with us and have this special cake on us! ?
3 days in advance notice required. Only at Katong Square outlet.
Kindly quote in booking message “Sushi Cake ” in advance when booking online. Limited period only.

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Celebrate Every Victory in Your Life!

We are so proud of the ACS Independent School boys and girls who have won in the 2017 Schools National Swimming Championship. Boys emerged as Champions in A Division, B Division and C Division. Girls in A Division as Runners- up. Congratulations!

It was truly a joy to see them celebrate their victories with their team-mates, coaches and committee members while enjoying a hearty meal with gusto, at our restaurant!

We believe that behind every victory holds many hours of strenuous hard work, mental strength, tears and sweat.
Everyone of you deserve the applause, glory and fun celebration!

Keep up the good work and continue to Shine!

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I recalled one of William Shakespeare’s quote “Can one desire too much of a good thing?” (In “As You Like It”). To a lot of foodies, I presume, the answer is unanimous… Yes! That is why we have buffet! Buffets are definitely one of Singaporean’s favorite thing to do with families, colleagues and friends. Singaporeans love food, be it eating, talking, sharing, blogging and some even making them too.

So, we had a little fun food challenge held at Shin Minori on 2nd August evening. We were the main sponsor for the venue and food. 4 wonderful food influencers were invited to this interesting food challenge. They can be found in instagram by their names: mshannahchia, evilbean, nahmj and mightyfoodie. For this challenge, more than 50 assortment items such as chawamushi, sushi, maki, tempura, ramen, soup, yaki tori, handroll, onigiri, garlic fried rice, gyoza etc. were chosen from Shin Minori ala-carte Japanese buffet menu.

Normally, when we dine and eat slowly, we can enjoy the taste and consume more. But for this challenge, it was all about speed and these 4 food influencers were given a mere 15 minutes to consume as much food as possible. The one who completed the most plates/ bowls within the stipulated time, would be announced the winner.

After 15 minutes, the winner was birthed. He was none other than Mightyfoodie, who lived up to his good name! He finished whopping 16 plates of food. Applause!

After the challenge, all Influencers were given Enzyplex to help improve their digestion. We had an enjoyable time afterwards, chatting about what else… good food again!

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We had a blast with our Wine Pairing Session on the 12th July!

Many connoisseur of wine or oenophile came and enjoyed a fun- filled event with us!

Partnering with Top Wines, a renowned and reputed wine distributor in Singapore, we have the pleasure of tasting 4 different types of wine for the evening. The 4 wines are Astoria 9.5, Astoria Lounge, Astoria Fashion Victim and Elena Walch Pinot Nero.

The Japanese food we prepared for wine pairing are namely:
~ Sashimi Moriwase
~ Foie Gras Sushi
~ Aburi Salmon Sushi
~ Grilled Scallop Wrapped with Wagyu Beef topped with Black Pepper Sauce
~ Grilled Mekajikai (swordfish)

The wine bottles are individually wrapped and covered for each guest to vote for their best pairing wine with the food.

The result? The winning wine: Astoria Fashion Victim, Rose NV from Italy, Veneto.
And we gave this as a prize to Mr Low, who voted for it.

With delightful sashimi and sushi, exhilarating wine and lovely company for dinner, we declared this wine pairing event a success!

Missed this event? Fret not. Watch out for our next event via our Facebook!

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To usher in a joyous Chinese New Year, Shin Minori is proud to partner with SMU for their welfare drive, which they organized for their students, to bring about a greater camaraderie. Our restaurant gladly sponsored 8 sets of Harvest Yusheng for the SMU Bondue 100 students, to celebrate the Chinese New Year on the 2nd Feb 2016.

Shin Minori’s Harvest Yusheng is a salad dish made up of shredded white and green radish, carrots, pomelo, fried flour pieces, freshly sliced salmon and topped with our special house apple ponzo sauce, crushed peanuts, cinnamon, sesame seeds and other spices. Yusheng is a popular dish in Singapore’s Chinese New Year dinner, as the diners speak auspicious words and toss the Yusheng during this festive occasion. It is considered as auspicious as it enunciated Abundance and Life. The tossing action known as “Lo Hei” is like tossing up good fortune on the start of the brand new lunar new year.

We are pleased to see the students having fun during the tossing of Yusheng and enjoying the precious moments of coming together as a “family”. The joy on their faces as they are eating it, clearly showed us that the Harvest Yusheng served its purpose of being the highlight and attraction of the event.

Happy Chinese Year, everyone!

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Shin Minori held a Japanese Sake tasting event, together with sake supplier, Whistler Wine & Spirit on the 9 April, from 3- 6pm. Invitees included some Japanese restaurant owners, Chefs and managers. This event main objective was to introduce a new sake winery in the Singapore market.

Some of the brands of sake that was savoured include Bunkajin, Takagi, Kitaya, Mizuo and Imazato.
The attendees experienced the rich aroma and unique flavour of each sake and were told of their various origin from different part of Japan and even how it was brewed. Some even won awards for its exquisite taste, namely Takagi Ryuso and Bunkajin Junmai Daijingyo Genshu.

Shin Minori was the venue and finger food sponsor, while Whistler Wine & Spirit was the sake sponsor for this event. It was an enjoyable afternoon where friends from the industry mingled, tasted good sake and gain more insight of the new sake.
You can also learn more about Sake, by clicking here:

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