Feb 2016

To usher in a joyous Chinese New Year, Shin Minori is proud to partner with SMU for their welfare drive, which they organized for their students, to bring about a greater camaraderie. Our restaurant gladly sponsored 8 sets of Harvest Yusheng for the SMU Bondue 100 students, to celebrate the Chinese New Year on the 2nd Feb 2016.

Shin Minori’s Harvest Yusheng is a salad dish made up of shredded white and green radish, carrots, pomelo, fried flour pieces, freshly sliced salmon and topped with our special house apple ponzo sauce, crushed peanuts, cinnamon, sesame seeds and other spices. Yusheng is a popular dish in Singapore’s Chinese New Year dinner, as the diners speak auspicious words and toss the Yusheng during this festive occasion. It is considered as auspicious as it enunciated Abundance and Life. The tossing action known as “Lo Hei” is like tossing up good fortune on the start of the brand new lunar new year.

We are pleased to see the students having fun during the tossing of Yusheng and enjoying the precious moments of coming together as a “family”. The joy on their faces as they are eating it, clearly showed us that the Harvest Yusheng served its purpose of being the highlight and attraction of the event.

Happy Chinese Year, everyone!

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