Eating Sushi with Proper Dining Etiquette

Many have compared sushi to eating a sandwich because of its convenient and bite-size qualities. But, it packs quite a punch despite its size. You can taste different flavors and texture in one bite, from tangy to creamy.

Just because it’s in bite-size, you go and eat it with much gusto without rules. You don’t mix wasabi with soy sauce. That’s a huge blunder that many are guilty of doing.

There are a few things that you should remember when taking a bite of this tasty food.

1. Clean hands. A wet towel will be provided for you. Use it to clean your fingers, keeping you safe from any disease-causing germs.

2. No chopsticks. Use your hands and make sure it’s clean. This way you can preserve the chef’s well-made form of a sushi. Only use your chopsticks when getting ginger and sashimi.

3. Chopstick holder. Make sure that the chopsticks are on the holder. People may think that you’re finished if you place them on top of your bowl.

4. Fish-down. Dip your fish into the soy sauce. Remember, the rice is not supposed to mix with the soy sauce.

5. Face-down. When you eat the sushi, make sure that the fish is on a face down position for you to taste its richness and freshness.

6. Chopsticks. Use them to add wasabi to your fish. Remember, add it on your fish and never mix it with wasabi.

7. One bite. Eat the sushi in one go. It is considered to be rude towards the chef, who worked hard to make it if you eat in half.

After the meal, buy and share a sake with the chef in appreciation of his work. This is better and more accepted than just tipping him.

These things are not set to restrain you of your enjoyable meal. Instead, embrace the fine art and etiquette of eating sushi as they are there for a reason to better taste the exquisite food and for hygiene reasons.

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