Hearty Autumn Appetite 食欲の秋

Hearty Autumn Appetite Infographic

As the weather slowly turn cold and we ease into the dreamy autumn season, let’s look at some of the delicious food that the Japanese love to savor during this cool season.

Here are some hot favorite which we serve in our restaurant, which you might want to try with your loved ones:

1) Sanma Shioyaki

Sanma fishes or mackerel migrate from north to south seasonally to lay eggs and has 20% more fat in autumn, compared to about 10% during summer. These fishes are rich in omega 3, DHA and EPA, so they are good food source for the development of brains.

This whole fish is typically served grilled with salt in Japanese restaurants, till its skin turned crispy. You can squirt some citrusy lemon on it, dip it into soy sauce and eat it with the daikon radishes usually served on the side. Goes well with rice and miso soup. Tasty meal!

2) Alaska Snow Crab Nabe

Fancy some warm, hearty and savory soup to beat the cold?
Then you should try one of our most popular soup, the Alaska Snow Crab Nabe. It is boiled slowly with vegetables, tofu and golden mushrooms.

To get this dish worth S$32.00 free, all you need to do is simply present the print out voucher (you can print from this link http://shinminori.com.sg/promotion ) when you order 2 lunch ala-carte buffets at our restaurant.

There are also seafood soup served as steamboat or in a teacup for variety.

However, if you prefer soup which is non- seafood, we also have other soup which you can consider like the Pearl Mushroom Soup with Miso or Pork belly Miso Soup.

3) Sukiyaki

Sukiyaki is one of Japanese’s most sought after comfort food when the season turns cold. It is simmered in a hot iron pot filled with thinly sliced beef, mixed with nutritious tofu, leafy vegetables, eggs and chewy mushrooms.

The delicious, hot soup is often shared and is a welcoming sight in any social gathering, warming the stomach of the diners.

4) Pumpkin Egg Custard (under Appetizer)

Pumpkin is harvested during late summer and early autumn time. So, after harvesting, people worldwide make wonderful recipes using this amazingly tasty gourd.

In Shin Minori, we recommend you to try our smooth, rich and yummy pumpkin steam egg or chawamushi. It also contain ginko nuts and fish cake. Pure delight!

Other pumpkin dish we have is our simmered pumpkin with special sweet sauce, also another flavorful, soft and subtly sweet dish to relish.

5) Niku Jaga

Enjoy the aromatic stewed pork belly simmered slowly with potatoes and carrots in soy sauce broth. It is the perfect dish for any cold evening to enjoy with a bowl of rice.

So tantalizing, it is easy to fall in love with. Niku Jaga is often referred to by the Japanese as a dish that reminds them of their mother’s home cooked food or in Japanese, “ofukuro no aji “, meaning the taste or flavour of a mother.

6) Sake

Sake, which is Japanese fermented rice wine, is an integral part that completes the Japanese cuisine. It is often used in their traditional rituals and important celebratory occasions such as wedding. Sake is brewed in winter, pasteurized and age in the spring and summer season, so autumn is the prime time to drink it and enjoy with loved ones.

How about warm cups of sake for toasting with families and friends? Sake is not only a good source of drink as the temperature turn cold, to warm our bodies, but also for cultivating closer bonding.

May these autumn food (and drink) bring warmth to your stomach and joy to your hearts!

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