Japanese Dining Etiquette When Drinking

Japan loves their alcohol as much as the next country. But, they don’t forget their manners even when drinking. They follow a tradition that’s passed down from one generation to another.

Bringing a nostalgic feeling every time you taste the unforgettable smooth texture of sake in your mouth.

So, either you’re in Japan or dining in a Japanese restaurant, there are a few things that you should know to keep your experience fun yet authentic.


This is the number one thing that you should always remember. Instead, wait for someone to fill your cup for you. In return, you pour some alcohol for them too. But, wait, don’t start drinking just yet. Make sure that you and your company have “Kampai” already before chugging it down.


During a party, be sure that you’re on the lookout for your fellow drinkers. If their cup is empty, make sure that you fill it up for them.


When someone gestures to fill your glass, drink the leftover alcohol before holding it over to the person. Follow this up by reciprocating the action, fill their cup as well.

If you’re not a heavy drinker just fill-up your cup and not drink it. This way you can avoid getting drunk that night.

It is customary for the younger ones to be tasked of the pouring and ordering job. Guests are exempted with this tradition.

These traditions may seem to be too restrained. But, they are not. Try them. You’ll realize that it is a fun way to bond with your co-workers and friends. It allows you to be more intimate with them.

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