Influencer Food Challenge: Squeeze Much Good Food In 15 Mins Flat

I recalled one of William Shakespeare’s quote “Can one desire too much of a good thing?” (In “As You Like It”). To a lot of foodies, I presume, the answer is unanimous… Yes! That is why we have buffet! Buffets are definitely one of Singaporean’s favorite thing to do with families, colleagues and friends. Singaporeans love food, be it eating, talking, sharing, blogging and some even making them too.

So, we had a little fun food challenge held at Shin Minori on 2nd August evening. We were the main sponsor for the venue and food. 4 wonderful food influencers were invited to this interesting food challenge. They can be found in instagram by their names: mshannahchia, evilbean, nahmj and mightyfoodie. For this challenge, more than 50 assortment items such as chawamushi, sushi, maki, tempura, ramen, soup, yaki tori, handroll, onigiri, garlic fried rice, gyoza etc. were chosen from Shin Minori ala-carte Japanese buffet menu.

Normally, when we dine and eat slowly, we can enjoy the taste and consume more. But for this challenge, it was all about speed and these 4 food influencers were given a mere 15 minutes to consume as much food as possible. The one who completed the most plates/ bowls within the stipulated time, would be announced the winner.

After 15 minutes, the winner was birthed. He was none other than Mightyfoodie, who lived up to his good name! He finished whopping 16 plates of food. Applause!

After the challenge, all Influencers were given Enzyplex to help improve their digestion. We had an enjoyable time afterwards, chatting about what else… good food again!

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